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Natural stone patio and landscaping

Pavers or Natural Stone? Which is Best for a Patio in Ashburn, Aldie or Leesburg, VA?

There are a lot of decisions when it comes to your outdoor living projects. While all of the options available today are part of what makes a project so exciting, it can also feel overwhelming at times. When it comes to a patio for your Northern Virginia home, the first decision to make is the type of material you’d like to use: natural stone or concrete pavers.

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Beautiful outdoor kitchen with amenities

What to Consider Before Building Your Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens in Northern Virginia remain wildly popular. That’s probably because an outdoor kitchen vastly increases the amount of time you’re spending outside. It also makes the experience so much more enjoyable. Without having to go in and out of the house to prepare a meal and then bring it outside, you can now cook and dine al fresco.

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pool with plantings and hot tub

4 Signs it’s Time to Renovate Your Old Pool

If you have a pool in your backyard that you really don’t love, you might not be using it to its full extent. In fact, maybe you’re even embarrassed to have guests over and see your pool because it’s in pretty rough shape.

You might be wondering, Should I renovate my pool?

There are a lot of good reasons to consider a pool renovation. 

Updating a pool can improve the value of your home, prevent more serious problems (if you have potential issues on the verge of trouble), and (perhaps most importantly) help you to use your pool more often.

But if you’re still not sure whether you’re ready to take the plunge, we’ve rounded up some signs it’s time to renovate a swimming pool.

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9 Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas to Create Party-Central in Your Backyard

Do you love having friends and family over to your home? If so, then you may love the idea of relaxing, eating, and spending time together outdoors. But with a backyard that doesn’t have much to offer, you might feel as though your get-togethers are lacking when it comes to the fun factor. You want to make your backyard party-central and in order to do so, you need to add some real excitement.

An outdoor kitchen is definitely one way to up the ante of your outdoor experience. With the incorporation of an outdoor kitchen, you can prepare and eat your meals outside. But maybe that’s not enough?

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