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Swimming Pool Trends You'll See in 2020's & Finding a Pool Builder in Northern VA to Pull Them Off

Do you want a swimming pool that’s interesting, unique, and not exactly like every other pool you’ve seen? Pools have come a really long way and it would benefit you to keep up with the latest trends if you’re looking for something new and exciting.

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Adding a Pavilion or Pergola to Your Landscape Design: Considerations, Costs, & More for Great Falls, VA

Extending your time outdoors and enjoying that time to the fullest comes down to adding features that enhance your backyard.

Whether you envision your outdoor area as a spot for total relaxation, one for fun, recreation, and exercise—or maybe a little bit of all those things, it ultimately comes down to the outdoor living features that you add to support those ideas and plans.

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Leesburg, VA Landscape Design Case Study: Family-Friendly Patio with 3 Outdoor Living Rooms

With a corner lot and a narrow backyard, this Leesburg, VA family felt like their property wasn’t usable. It felt tight and awkward—and in all honesty, the family had a lot of reservations about what could be achieved, even with a landscape design.

But when the project was complete, the homeowners told us the space felt bigger than ever before. In fact, they said they could hardly believe how much room it felt like they had.

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5 Pro Tips for Dealing with Weeds in Landscaping Beds in South Riding, VA & Nearby Areas

Posted On: July 22,2020 By: Todd Thomasson

Preventing and addressing weeds in landscaping can often feel like an uphill battle. If you’ve ever spent hours digging in your landscape beds to unearth pesky weeds—only to find new weeds emerge another day—then you also know how much frustration is associated with this kind of work at your property in South Riding, VA or nearby areas.

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6 Amazing Add-Ons for Your Swimming Pool in Great Falls, Ashburn, or Leesburg, VA

Posted On: July 14,2020 By: Todd Thomasson

Are you looking for swimming pool ideas that will take your pool from ordinary to extraordinary? There are probably a lot of people that have swimming pools in your neighborhood but you’re looking to make yours one-of-a-kind. 

When you’re in the dreaming stage, letting your imagination run wild and thinking of pool ideas that are out of this world is a great way to start deciding what’s important to you—and how you’re going to achieve a pool that’s truly unique.

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Factoring in Deck Cost in Your Backyard Landscape Design: Considerations in Ashburn, Aldie, & Leesburg, VA

Posted On: July 09,2020 By: Todd Thomasson

When it comes to making your outdoor space more usable, a deck can be the perfect addition. Decks help to create extended living space right off of your existing home. That means you can spend more time with your friends and family grilling up some food and and dining al fresco, reading a book outside, watching the kids swim in a nearby pool, or just having a place to sit back and relax.

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Do I Need Lime on My Lawn in Northern Virginia?

Posted On: July 06,2020 By: Todd Thomasson

If you care about having a healthy and thriving green lawn, then you’re probably paying attention to what it needs (or doesn’t need) to perform its best. With that in mind, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to have questions about lime for lawns. 

Lime, which is short for limestone, is not always well understood and homeowners want to make sure they’re not paying for something their lawn doesn’t really need.

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Pool Pictures and Ideas to Inspire Your Ultimate Backyard in Ashburn, Aldie, or Leesburg, VA

Posted On: June 29,2020 By: Todd Thomasson

If you’ve been dreaming about installing a pool, then you’re probably looking for pool ideas to get a sense of what might work best in your backyard. You want to make sure that you’re creating a space that can be enjoyed to the fullest.

That’s why we invite you to take a little tour through the pool picture ideas we’ve gathered after years of designing and building custom swimming pools.

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Does My Lawn Need Aeration? Lawn Care Tips for South Riding, VA

Posted On: June 25,2020 By: Todd Thomasson

Keeping your lawn looking its best requires a number of different lawn care services. One of the most important—that people often don’t know about (or realize the importance)—is lawn aeration. Lawn aeration has been called the “secret to a great lawn” because of how much it does to help your lawn grow lush and thick. But it’s not uncommon for homeowners to have a lot of questions about this service, including whether their lawn really needs it.

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Pools & Lawns: How to Have the Best of Both Worlds at Your Northern VA Home

Posted On: June 15,2020 By: Todd Thomasson

The lawn and landscape around a pool is an important aspect to your overall enjoyment of your backyard. You might be someone that loves having a lawn both for its beauty but also the functional space that it allows you. Being able to play yard games when you and your family (or friends) are not in the pool might be part of your entertainment. Or perhaps you have a pet that needs to use the lawn.

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