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Posted by Todd Thomasson on Jan 24, 2023 10:45:31 AM

If you have a pool in your backyard that you really don’t love, you might not be using it to its full extent. In fact, maybe you’re even embarrassed to have guests over and see your pool because it’s in pretty rough shape.

You might be wondering, Should I renovate my pool?

There are a lot of good reasons to consider a pool renovation. 

Updating a pool can improve the value of your home, prevent more serious problems (if you have potential issues on the verge of trouble), and (perhaps most importantly) help you to use your pool more often.

But if you’re still not sure whether you’re ready to take the plunge, we’ve rounded up some signs it’s time to renovate a swimming pool.

Signs it’s Time to Renovate a Swimming Pool

Here are some possible signs that it’s time for a pool renovation.

Use This Worksheet to Plan Your Pool Design

#1: Your Pool Looks Outdated

Sometimes it’s a mere matter of cosmetics. If your pool was built many years ago or perhaps already in the ground when you moved into your home, it might be looking pretty outdated.

If you’ve got an “ugly” pool, perhaps you are ashamed of how it looks, and that keeps you from inviting friends and family over. The pool may still function fine, you just find it unattractive. 

pool with hot tub and pavilion

A pool makeover that doesn’t make changes to the size, depth, or shape of your pool won’t mean starting from scratch. A pool contractor should be able to work with what’s already there. 

Instead, you can bring new life to your pool with updates like new tile, coping, and an updated finish. The options for these features have come a really long way and you’ll have more choices than you ever did if you put the pool in 10 or 20 years ago. There are some beautiful options that can really enhance the entire look of your pool.

Homeowners are often surprised just how much renovating a pool in this way can make a difference. In fact, the pool will not even be recognizable as what it was before. Even without changing the size, depth, or shape, you can have a pool that is more your own and brand-new in many ways.

#2: Your Pool Lacks the Bells and Whistles

Today’s pools are so much more than a boring “hole in the ground filled with water.”

Pools used to just be a standard rectangular shape with no added features. At most, a pool might have featured a diving board or a slide. But today’s swimming pools have all kinds of bells and whistles that not only make them aesthetically appealing but also a ton of fun!

pool with infinity edge and hot tub

Here are just a few swimming pool features that you might be considering with a pool renovation.

Today’s swimming pools have really come a long way. If you have just a basic pool, you might be looking to add some upgrades that will help you use it more fully.

#3: Your Pool is Too Small or Too Shallow

Sometimes, it is more than looks. If your family has grown substantially since you put a pool in or perhaps you inherited a small pool when you bought a house, you might be looking for a pool renovation that involves increasing the size and/or depth of your swimming pool.

The best way to approach a pool renovation of this caliber is to start from scratch. While we know that homeowners would obviously prefer to work with what’s already there, that’s just not always possible with a large-scale pool remodel.

pool under construction

In fact, when it comes to changing the size or the depth of the pool, it is usually more cost-effective to start over than to try and add on to what’s already there. Doing the latter also puts you at risk of creating something that looks pieced together (similar to when an addition is added to a home at a later date but doesn’t look like it was always meant to be that way).

For an upgrade like this, we’d rip out the existing pool and start over with a pool that is exactly the size and depth that you desire. 

The same would go for changing the shape.

This will mean getting the custom pool that you desire. Instead of trying to mold an existing pool that someone else liked into something that suits you, we can help you to just start over and create the exact pool of YOUR dreams.

#4: The Areas Around Your Pool Are Boring (or Non-Existent)

You probably already know that the areas around a pool are almost as important as the pool itself. These are spots that help you to enjoy time outside, even when you are not in the pool. 

For that reason, sometimes it’s not the pool that needs updating but rather the areas around the pool.

pool with pavilion and fireplace

These would include things like a pool patio, an outdoor kitchen, a pavilion, recreation/game spots, and/or a fire feature. These types of additions will help you and your friends and family to spend more time down at the pool (even when you aren’t swimming).

If you are happy with your pool but feel like your pool area could use an update, this can be a makeover that will still completely transform your space and help you to enjoy it more completely.

Working with Rock Water Farm on Your Pool Renovation in Northern Virginia

When it comes to using and enjoying your home and yard to the fullest, you want to make sure that you have features that inspire you to be outside making memories with your family. You don’t want something that is causing you frustration, stress, or maybe even keeping you from being outside.

At Rock Water Farm we have worked with homeowners who have had existing pools and wanted various upgrades or makeovers.

Sometimes, that means starting from scratch if everything about the pool is a problem (like the size, shape, or depth). But oftentimes, we can work with what’s there in terms of the shell but redo everything else.

Or, if you’re just looking to add a new outdoor living area around your pool, that could be a pool renovation that also makes a world of difference. 

At the end of the day, nothing should be keeping you from enjoying your pool! We’re here to help be your expert guide to a pool renovation so that you end up with the pool of your dreams.

Are you ready to get started on the pool of your dreams at your Haymarket, Gainesville, or Purcellville, VA home? If so, talk to an expert, choose a solution that rocks, and get ready to see your dreams begin to take shape!

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