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Outdoor kitchen and patio in Northern Virginia

4 Tips to Hiring an Outdoor Kitchen Builder in Northern Virginia

An outdoor kitchen can be an exciting addition to your backyard outdoor living space. It helps to make your yard a destination, making it a place to cook, dine, entertain, and even just relax.

Of course, when it comes to getting the outdoor kitchen of your dreams, you need to hire the right outdoor kitchen builder. There are plenty of landscaping companies that claim to build outdoor kitchens but won’t necessarily be able to offer what you’re looking for.

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expert pool installation in Virginia

4 Things I Wish I Knew Before Installing My Pool

If you’re planning to add a swimming pool to your backyard, you want it to be everything that you dream it could be. The last thing that you want is to ever be disappointed in any way. You don’t want to be swimming or trying to enjoy your pool area thinking there were things I wish I knew before installing a pool.

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Shaded patio and fireplace

3 Tips For Planning Your Patio Size and Layout

When you think about your dream outdoor living space, you know that the patio is at the heart of it all. Whether the finished product is going to also include a pool, a pavilion, an outdoor kitchen, or other amenities, you want to be sure that your patio can accommodate it all. That’s why it’s important to consider patio size ahead of having it built. It’s a key element of planning a patio layout.

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Outdoor fireplace and patio

5 Most Common Questions About Outdoor Fireplaces

An outdoor fireplace can be a welcomed addition to your outdoor living space. It can add elegance and appeal while also throwing off heat and light. It also easily becomes a focal point of the space. After all, there’s a reason why people have been gathering around fires for years—they are mesmerizing and comforting.

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Flowers planted in Virginia landscape

Virginia Flower Planting Schedule: When to Plant Annuals, Perennials, & Bulbs

There’s a common understanding among homeowners that springtime is for planting, and while that’s not untrue, there are other times of the year for planting, too. It ultimately comes down to your goals as well as what you’re planting.

We’ve rounded up this Virginia flower planting schedule to help you make the best choices for your property. Our goal is to help set you up for success.

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